15 Done With This Day Meme Ideas to Brighten Your Mood

Discover creative “Done With This Day” meme ideas to perfectly capture those moments when you’re just over it.

Key takeaways:

  • Discard the day like a calendar page with a trash meme.
  • Lighten the mood with a grumpy cat meme.
  • Celebrate finishing work with a laptop meme.
  • Wish for a fast-forward with a sunset meme.
  • Take a break with a tired superhero meme.

Calendar Throwing Itself in the Trash

calendar throwing itself in the trash

This meme captures the moment we wish we could discard an entire day like an old, unnecessary calendar page.

“I’ve Had Enough of Today” – Signed By a Grumpy Cat

This meme features a grumpy cat holding a sign that firmly declares “I’ve had enough of today,” perfectly capturing those moments when everything feels overwhelming and a little humor is needed to lighten the mood.

A Laptop Slamming Shut On the Words “No More Today!”

This meme captures the finality of finishing work, as the laptop shuts abruptly over the day’s responsibilities.

A Sun Setting With the Caption “Fast-forward Please!”

It humorously wishes to hasten the end of a challenging day.

Tired Superhero Flying Away With “BRB Tomorrow.”

This image humorously conveys the feeling of needing a break after a taxing day, as even superheroes must recharge.

Coffee Cup With a “closed” Sign

This meme humorously declares the end of coffee breaks—and by extension, the workday—through the image of a coffee cup marked with a “closed” sign.

Clock Hands Sprinting to Midnight

The image illustrates clock hands racing to hit midnight, humorously symbolizing an eagerness to end the day quickly.

A Bed Pulling a Human Into It

The meme encapsulates the irresistible lure of rest after a taxing day, humorously depicting a bed literally dragging its exhausted owner to sleep.

Phone On Airplane Mode With Text “Done With Today!”

It symbolizes disconnecting from daily stresses to embrace peaceful solitude.

Brain Putting Up a “Closed for Maintenance” Sign

This meme humorously signifies the need to shut down mentally after an overwhelming day, effectively saying, “My mind is temporarily out of service.”

“Out of Order” Sticker Slapped On a Calendar Date

This meme visually signifies a complete shutdown or refusal to engage with the day’s remaining tasks, emphasizing a humorous retreat from overwhelming responsibilities.

“Escape” Key From a Keyboard On a Tropical Beach

This meme humorously portrays the “Escape” key sunbathing on a beach, symbolizing our deep desire to momentarily break free from daily responsibilities.

Person Tossing Papers in the Air With “That’s It for Today!”

This image captures the classic end-of-workday relief, visually expressing the moment we let go of responsibilities and declare the workday over.

Desk Chair Spinning Away With “Catch You On the Flip Side.”

This meme captures the moment of bidding farewell to the day’s tasks with a humorously animated office chair whirling into the distance.

Teddy Bear Holding a “goodnight” Sign As It Flops Into Bed

This meme showcases a teddy bear signaling the end of a long day as it eagerly jumps into bed.

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