15 Exciting Things to Learn Over the Summer

Discover exciting and practical skills you can pick up over the summer to boost your knowledge and have fun.

Key takeaways:

  • Digital Photography: Capture memories creatively with a fancy camera.
  • Urban Gardening: Grow fresh herbs and veggies in a small space.
  • Public Speaking: Conquer fear, impress, and advance your career.
  • DIY Electronics: Build robots and impress friends with tech skills.
  • First Aid: Learn essential skills like CPR and wound care.

Digital Photography

digital photography

Is it time to finally make use of that fancy camera collecting dust? Learn digital photography to capture summer memories in stunning detail and experiment with creative techniques.


Gliding across the water while standing can give an enchanting full-body workout. Perfect for sunny days and a great excuse to work on your tan!

Urban Gardening

Grow your own herbs and veggies even if you live in a tiny apartment. It’s a great way to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy fresher-than-fresh food.

Coding in Python

Python is a versatile programming language great for tech enthusiasts and beginners. This summer, dive into creating simple games or automating mundane tasks.


It transforms ordinary words into handcrafted pieces of art. Use it to add a personal touch to invitations or simply to show off on social media.


Craft cozy scarves or intricate sweaters by learning this timeless skill. It’s a perfect way to stay productive while binge-watching your favorite shows.


Marvel at the stars, planets, and constellations with just a telescope and a clear night sky. Dive into the mysteries of the universe and impress your friends with cosmic trivia.


Create custom furniture or quirky wooden decor while flexing your creative muscles. Plus, nothing beats the satisfaction of building something with your own two hands.

Kite Surfing

Harness the wind’s power and glide across the water with grace. It’s like a dance with Mother Nature, but with more adrenaline and way less choreographed.

Public Speaking

Create your own TED Talk in the living room and conquer your fear of addressing an audience. Mastering this skill can elevate your career and make you the star of any dinner party.


Who knew staring at trees and bushes could be so exhilarating? Grab some binoculars and a field guide, and soon you’ll be conversing with robins and finches like a true avian interpreter.

DIY Electronics

Imagine building your own robot and having it actually obey your commands. With DIY electronics, you can bring your wildest tech dreams to life while impressing friends and possibly scaring the neighbors.

Bread Baking

Imagine the smell of fresh bread wafting through your kitchen—irresistible, right? Mastering this culinary art can make you the hero of every family gathering.


Shaping clay into beautiful bowls and vases can be incredibly therapeutic and creative. You might finally make that mug that doesn’t look like it came from outer space.

First Aid

Knowing how to respond in emergencies can be a lifesaver, literally. Spend your summer mastering essential skills like CPR, wound care, and even the Heimlich maneuver.

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